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Customedico Pharmacy + Wellness offers education and consulting services to support the patients and prescribers we serve. Our goal is to offer clinical expertise and educational support to our provider practices and advance our patients' understanding of the services and therapies offered by our pharmacy to improve patient outcomes.


Hormone replacement therapy offers relief for men and women who suffer from symptoms related to hormone imbalance.  If you are experiencing symptoms, compounded hormone therapy may be the answer.  If you are interested in a sex or thyroid hormone consult, please contact the pharmacy today to schedule your appointment.  If you are a provider seeking consult support for your patients, or in-office patient or staff education, please contact the pharmacy to enroll.  

Welcome Rudy Dragone, Rph

Customedico Pharmacy has partnered with the former pharmacist-owner of Clark’s Pharmacy in Carefree, Rudy Dragone, Rph, to offer his thirty years of pharmacy practice experience in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to our patients.  

At a very early age, Rudy had a burning desire to help people. At the age of seventeen, he enrolled in pharmacy school and by the time he was twenty-one, became the youngest pharmacist in New York City.  Rudy quickly developed a reputation as a visionary in the pharmacy business and before long, owned ten pharmacies around the Big Apple.

Seeking a better quality of life for his family, he sold the New York pharmacies and moved to Arizona. Once here, Rudy purchased Clark’s Pharmacy in Carefree and continued his mission to help enhance the lives of thousands using expertise in hormone replacement therapy through compounded medicine.  Aside from servicing patients at Clark’s Pharmacy, Rudy also worked for years with Dr. William R. Lee, an internationally acknowledged pioneer in the study and use of hormone replacement therapy for women. Together, they were instrumental in educating thousands of healthcare professionals about the role of hormones and the use of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

"I have seen the positive impact BHRT has had on the health and quality of life for millions of people. I have made it my mission to spread the word about this remarkable treatment modality. I am pleased to be able to share my knowledge with you."

– Rudy Dragone, RPh

Patient Forms

Step 1: Patient HRT Consultation Request

If you are a patient interested in a hormone specialist pharmacist sex hormone or thyroid therapy consult, please complete the Patient Request for Consult form in link below

Step 2: Schedule with Rudy Dragone, RPh, HRT Specialist

If you have completed Step 1 and have recent HRT lab results, please schedule an initial consult in link below. If you have questions or need follow-up, please schedule a therapy follow-up appointment.

Provider Forms

Provider HRT Consultation Request
If you are a provider interested in a hormone specialist pharmacist sex hormone or thyroid therapy consult for your patient, please complete the Provider Request for Consult form in link below
Provider Office
If you are a provider interested in patient seminars or provider staff education, please complete the Provider Request for Education form in link below.